10 Amazing Facts About Jackie Chan That Will Make You Even A Bigger Fan Of Him

The influential non-western movie star actor and a biggest successful actor from Asia is none other than Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is a very famous actor and known for his famous comic timing or the amazing fight style. But still, we don’t know much about him, therefore, we at Bakedmind decided to bring some information about Jackie Chan. Here 10 amazing facts about Jackie Chan that will make you even a bigger fan of him.

#10 Jackie Chan Not His Real Name


Chan was born in  Hong Kong on April 7, 1954, and was given the name Chan Kong-sang. He belongs to a very poor family his father had to even borrow money for his birth surgery.

#9 The Seven Little Fortunes

The Seven Little Fortunes


Jackie Chan at the age of  8 made his debut in the field of acting in 1962.  ‘The Seven Little Founders was the first movie of Jackie Chan.

#8 Working As A Stuntman

 working as a stuntman


Chan completed his graduation from the China Drama Academy at the age of 17  and there were very little job in the field of acting in China. Therefore, he did not learn to read or write hence the only work available to him was an unskilled labor or stunt work

#7 The Bruce Lee Connection


Jackie began his movie career in the early 70’s around the same time when Bruce Lee was rising in martial arts. Stay tuned for more on the next page…