10 Amazing Flower-Fueled Desserts That Are Really Mouth Watering

Spring is a standout amongst other seasons. For the people that live in a cool climate, spring implies shedding winter coats, swapping snow boots for sandals, and stopping to smell the roses. But not to worry at BakedMind have collected a series of dessert that requires the flower as their main ingredients and can be made anytime. Here are 10 amazing flower-fueled dessert the will bring water to your mouth.

#10 Cardamon Rose Chia Pudding

cardamon rose chia pudding


First on the list is cardamon rose chia pudding made from rose and is absolutely adorable!. Just because a dessert is health-conscious you can not have it.

#9 Rose Petals Decor

Rose Petals Decor


These are actually candied rose petals that are actually edible. Rose petal is great decor for many of the desserts on the list but this one can also be eaten.

#8 Scrumptious Cupcakes

scrumptious cupcakes


lemon and culinary lavender is the perfect decor for these scrumptious cupcakes. And the lemon and lavender combination is like made straight from heaven.

#7 Rose Petal Pistachio Bark

rose petal pistachio bark


Rose petal pistachio bark is literally the most beautiful thing you may ever see. Complete with pink sea salt and topped with chopped pistachios, rose petals, and freeze-dried strawberries, this white chocolate bark. Making the perfect blend of taste for dessert. Stay tuned for more on the next page…