10 Body Language And Gestures That You Should Not Use In Order To Stay Attractive

The first impression is the last impression, and don’t let anyone say otherwise. People tend to judge the other people by their body language long before cosmetics or clothes were invented or before people even had the ability to speak. That is why the most important thing that is required for presenting you in the best possible way is your body language. Here are 10 body language and gestures that you should not use in order to stay attractive.

#10 Hand-Gripping Wrist Gesture

Hand-gripping wrist gesture


Talking to someone in this posture will definitely send the wrong idea to the person you are talking. It is mostly because we take this posture when we’re moody or angry.

#9 Ankle cross

Ankle cross


Crossed fingers are the sign language of one not believing in something. Talking to someone like that will let to make them think you don’t care about what they have to say.

#8 Clenched hands

Clenched hands


Clenched hands are the mini-version sign of crossing your arms over your chest. It stands for “I want to shut myself off, I’m not here, and that’s none of your business.

#7 Hands clenched in a raised position

Hands clenched in a raised position


It is the same body language of hands clenched but it represents even bad news. The higher the hand the more you want to hide behind them. Stay tuned for more body language on the next page…