10 Couple That Won’t Stop At Anything To Make Fun Of Each Other

Every Relationship is only successful if there is a little bit of fight and some prank pulled on each other. If there is no fun in the relationship chance of it acceding it is very low. Having fun is good but sometimes the couple just go to extreme length to make fun of each other. Here are 10 Couple that won’t stop at anything to make fun of each other.

#10 Girlfriend, who loves John Mayer


Boys get one thing in your head and get it fixed. Whatever girl say or do they are right and if you even think about it you are wrong.

#9  Hilariously lazy boyfriend



It might be hard to find the paper pin but look at the positive side your boyfriend has an awesome memory and does not forget anything easily.

#8 Technologically inept boyfriend


Look at the commitment of this man he created a new account just so he can inform his girlfriend about his lost phone.

#7 Caption queen of a girlfriend

caption queen of a girlfriend


In today world uploading photo on the social media account is very important to people and even more is adding a caption. Stay tuned for more on the next page…