10 Lifehacks Created By The Lazy People That Could Have Made Them Rich

One thing is for sure the lazy and savvy people often tend to create the best thing to make life easy. They often tend to find a way to solve their problem by hardly doing any work. And if actually works and works very good. Here are 10 lifehacks created by the lazy people that could have made them rich.

#10 Using Touch Without Touching

Use mouse for mobile


Is your mobile touch not working well not to worry this person has created the perfect lifehack to save you from buying a new mobile. Simply use an OTG and mouse and you are all set to go.

#9 Ground The Wire Without Ground

Ground without the ground


The one thing that protects from a short circuit is putting ground wire. Well here is a solution for that all you need is a bag of sand and a small wire and your ground wire is done without a ground.

#8 Stop Nodding

Stop nodding


One thing that happens to everyone is they often tend to nod off during a long journey. There is a perfect way to sleep without nodding off on someone else.

#7 Fixing The Lock

Way to lock the door


Is your latch broken too? worry not you can always use a spoon to lack your door. Never in the world would have thought to use spoonlike this. Stay tuned for more on the next page…