10 Men’s Fashion Lineup That Should Be Forgotten For Good

Like females get a new look and new fashion every month of the year and they also try to keep up with it. The same thing happens with men’s fashion line but the difference is they don’t have enough time to keep up with it. But not to worry we at BakedMind have managed to collect 10 men’s fashion lineup that should be forgotten for good.

#10 Buttondown Shirt Under A Thin Sweater

Buttondown shirt under a thin sweater


There is nothing wrong with the current look of the buttondown shirt and sweater combo. Just the thickness of the sweater should be much thinner so that it highlights all the folds of the shirt, and all the seams and buttons are visible.

#9 Suits That Look Like “Curtains”

Suits that look like “curtains”


Whatever people close to you say suits made from tapestries, curtains, or something like that are not fashionable at all. Try buying suits with color, like maybe in a wine or violet color.

#8 Deep V-neck T-shirts

Deep V-neck T-shirts


A t-shirt with long V-neck that doesn’t always look good, unless you’re maybe a soccer star. Men of this generation should try the new fashion and try the cotton t-shirt that fits you perfectly.

#7 Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans


The one thing every man must forget to wear is skinny jeans they are not trendy anymore. Actually, you can try buying slim fit jeans that are slim up to knees but not tight around the legs. Stay Tuned for more fashion tips on the next page…