10 Most Funny Signboard You Will See That Will Leave You Asking A Lot Of Questions

Road signs are very important and most necessary thing on the road. It is the thing that can decide the life and death switching. But sometimes people tend to talk the importance of and create a funny sign instead of creating a useful sign. Here are 10 most funny signboard you will see that will you leave you asking a lot of questions.

#10 Honest Worker

Honest Worker


Signboard like is the one that keeps the faith in this world. We all know the road work is the one thing that is never going to stop. At least they have the audacity to say it openly.

#9 An ancient cannon

An ancient cannon


We get it is a very unexpected place and may even lead to life or death situation but that does not mean you have to give the example too.

#8 You Can Do It

You Can Do It


Is it a coincidence that has a signboard like this one or it was put after the landslide. Either way, do you realy expect us to go and take the jump. Are you out of your mind.

#7 Too Useful

Very Useful


Definitely, the thing that is going to be needed after skiing. Can’t say about the other but I will definitely need the hospital direction after skiing.

#6 Where Can We Go?

Where can we go


If all the direction is not allowed where does the signboard expect us to go? It has to be some person with a very smart brain to do so.

#5 Some Weird Animal In This Town

Some Weird Animal In This Town


Did not know you can even see people riding horse and duck in this town. Where do you get such a big duck that you can ride?

#4 Secret Revealed

Secret Reveled


Finally, the secret revealed, know we know the way to the secret Nuclear Bunker. Hitler, you can start a nuclear war now.

#3 End Of The Road And Life

End Of The Road And Life


This is the not just end of the road even the end of your life. If you die here you don’t need to go anywhere else.

#2 Suicidal Deer

Suicidal Deer


Suicidal humans are present in this world but never heard of suicidal deer. Either way someone please make an appointment of this deer with a psychiatrist.

#1 Real Boring City

Real Boring City


Every one said Oregon City is boring, never believe that until this signboard. Even their name has boring in it.