10 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore In A Relationship

A relationship can be really complicated at times. You will have to keep that reality check mode on for first few months. It makes sense to let go some of the deal breakers, but some of the glitches are so bright that you have to acknowledge them. You might want to settle the arguments or you may choose to part ways depending on the warmth you share. Feel free to choose any path but do not ignore these warning signs which gets highlighted.

1. Being faithful has a different meaning for both of you


For any relationship to flourish you and your partner have to be on the same page of it. If one of you favors an open relationship you should sort things out between yourself.

2. Making your relationship public is still a thought in progress for your partner


If at all you are not sure about where your relationship is headed you should always be in two thoughts to confirm it publicly.

3. Your plus one makes fun of you during s**


Somebody who can’t regard the weakness of sex is certainly not the one worth doing the deed with.

4. Your SO makes you feel stupid


When your better half work to bring down your confidence rather than empowering you, look at its the moment to think. Deal with it. Act before its past the point of no return. Click next for more facts regarding your relationship.