10 Romantic Gestures Which Were Actually Unimaginative

Cynics and pragmatists also fall in love and romance at times. It does sound like it’s a beginning of a short amusing story. People who are on this list get “romantic” surprises that are more disastrous than anything. When it’s all done and said, romance is all about finding the person who gives you a reason to smile every day. We have collected some of the pictures that will prove there’s no place for sentimentality.

1. Romantic Lake Trip


Adventures are really good when it comes to romance. This guy took his wife to a romantic lake and while on a boat he hit her with a paddle and laughed like hell after that.

2. Roses, The Name Is Enough


Gifting roses will always be a trend on Valentine’s day to impress your girl. This guy took it to the new level and gave her Valentine new type of roses.

3. Know The Name Always


If you don’t know the name you can’t expect people to like that plant. He brought asparagus for his wife because he thought it was daffodils.

4. Perfect Gift To Show Your Love


Just to make sure this guy should see that message, again and again, his fiance gifted him this that embodies their strong and reliable relationship. Click next for more.