10 Sure Signs That Will Tell You Whether You Are Dating An Extremely Insecure Girl

Have you at any point thought about whether your partner is getting too clingy? Odds are she might be feeling quite insecure. Being insecure does not make her a terrible girlfriend. It makes her more human, all the more genuine. Her insecurity is only an impression of her conditions and you might be dating an extremely insecure girl. Here are 10 confirm signs that will tell you that you are dating a highly insecure girl.

#10 Accuses You Of Oggling

accuses you of oggling


Jealousy is a sure sign of insecurity. The girl will get jealous even if you talk to other girls and if you take a quick look.

#9  Aware Of Your Location/Whereabouts

aware of your location/whereabouts


Insecure girl needs to know the whereabouts of their boyfriends. They will keep asking you lot of question just after you spend some time away.

#8 Checks Your Phone

 checks your phone


If your girl by any way checks your phone without any reason then there is a chance you are dating an insecure girl.

#7 Gets Bossy

gets bossy.


One thing is for sure insecure girl tends to boss around with the people near to them even their boyfriend. Actually, the boyfriends are the prime and the main target of their bossy behavior. Stay tuned for more on the next page…