10 Things That That Prove Teachers Have The Craziest Job

Every school has few smartass children that don’t obey any rules. Or they tend to find backdoor or a find a mistake in the rules that they can exploit on. Sometimes they tend to do something that is really stupid or extremely smart. Here are 10 pictures of things that teachers tend to do that proves they have the craziest job.

#10 Name On The ID

changing the name on his student ID


Meet Jaffar, not his real name he manages to trick school into changing his name into Jaffar Fromaladdin. Children like these do exist.

#9 Date To Her Senior Prom

date to her senior prom.


Every year every child brings someone or other as their date to their prom. But this girl is something different that brought a real-life date as a date to her senior year prom.

#8 Twin Brother

A Twinvia

Bell brother are twins according to the school but in reality, just one kid that manages to fool his teacher to put him as a twin brother in the yearbook.

#7 Jimmy John’s Delivered

Jimmy John's delivered


This is really smart or stupid cannot say the guy had Jimmy John’s delivered to his own high school graduation. Stay tuned for more instances that prove teachers go through a lot on the next page…