16 Trends That Will Be HUGE in 2018

Every year Trends are set and they make a major impact on the different industry. While some trends last forever like The Denim some see they’re first and last worthwhile. We witness multiple Trends every year. Be it travel goals, selfie goals, fitness trends and many more. These trends give you the exact idea as to where the world is moving and what follows next. Here is a top highlighting list of well-researched trends and themes that you will witness in the coming year.

#16 Pop Culture Trend Of The Year: Kickass Women

Pop Culture trend of the year

Thanks to movies like Ocean’s 8 Sandra Bullock, Black Panther Lupita, and A Wrinkle in Time Oprah. We will see a lot of ladies kicking ass on the extra large screen in 2018.

#15 Color Of The Year: Lavender

Color of the Year: Lavender


Every year one of the colors takes the front stage in the fashion business and this year its Lavender. The color is popping up on everything from sequined dresses.

#14 Drink Of The Year: Sparkling Everything

Drink of the Year: Sparkling Everything


Carbonation is key in 2018. Get ready to state “cheers” for everything shining. It’s not simply fizzy water that is prevailing upon individuals.

#13 Travel Destination Of The Year: The Philippines

Travel Destination of the Year: The Philippines


The Boracay in the central Philippines is one the best island in the world and the ranks 1 in the list of 2018 top travel destination. Turn next for more trends.