Myths That We Believe To Be True But Are Absolutely Fake And False

There are many things that people believe in without any proof that is simply known as myths. There are no facts proving if they are true or false but just because it is said by our elder we trust in and fall for it. Here are some myths which should be forgotten once and for all.

#10 Fresh Products Are Healthier Than Frozen Ones

Frozen Or Fresh


Many people believe that frozen food or fruits do not have the same amount of nutritious as fresh ones. But it is completely false frozen fruits are just as nutritious as fresh ones since they’re packaged at their peak ripeness.

#9 Bigger The Size, The Slower Metabolism

Bigger The Size, The Slower Metabolism


Many people fall for the myth that fat people have a bad metabolism. It is completely false and scientists have proof for it too. In reality, it is the other way round overweight people have a better and faster metabolism than skinny people.

#8 Shampoo And Conditioner Can Get Rid Of Split Ends

Shampoo and conditioner can get rid of split ends.


There is simply no cure for split hair ends not even the most expensive shampoo or hair conditioner.

#7 Fingers Wrinkle Because They Absorb The Moisture

fingers wrinkle because they absorb the moisture


If you are thinking that your skin turns weird because they absorb water then you are absolutely wrong. It is simply because of blood vessels that constrict below the surface of the skin. Stay tuned for more on the next page…